Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Stafford Hospital NEEDS Surgery

Everybody will have listened with horror to tonight's news that Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust had an "appalling" system for looking after patients in A&E that may have led to many deaths, a report says.

I suppose the question is: "Does the blame really lie with the NHS Trust Board, Chair and Chief Executive OR does it lie with the Government"?

If any Penkridge person has any stories or points to make, can I suggest they post them on the "Have Your Say" section of the Penkridge Website where the link will take you to a page explaining the Community Group on Google where you are able to put your views.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Your Town Crier was invited to help announce (or should I say PROCLAIM) the start of building a new ECO-PROJECT in Penkridge this morning. The project by Central Borders Housing Group on behalf of South Staffordshire Housing Association aims to compare the green credentials of a brand new house against that of a refurbished house.
Building work on the homes has just started in Clay Street, Penkridge as Sue Rowley, Managing Director of South Staffordshire Housing Association explains “The aim of the project is to see whether you can really make a refurbished house as green and efficient as a new build. We will be measuring energy ratings, performance and fuel bills to see whether in the future we can provide our customers with eco-homes that are super-efficient to run.”

Both homes will include:
• a Swedish heating system which uses natural resources;
• solar powered hot water;
• triple glazing; and
• low energy lighting.

Ursula Bennion, group development director for CBHG said, “Our eco-homes have been designed to very high standards and to fit in with existing Penkridge buildings. What we learn will help us consider how we can cut emissions and fuel poverty in the future.”

Your Town Crier said "I very much welcome this project in Penkridge. It is a big step in the right direction which should lead towards lower running costs in our homes and a more sustainable form of living. Over 30 years ago, my father was researching Heat Pumps for home heating when they were in their pioneering stage – I am very pleased that the Housing Association is now leading the way in Penkridge with this new technology.”

The photograph above show: Penkridge Town Crier Bevan Craddock with left to right Mrs Anne Geoghegan (parish chairperson), Grant Mitchell (Housing, strategy and regeneration manager from South Staffordshire Council), Cllr David Billson (Portfolio holder strategic services at South Staffordshire Council) and Ursula Bennion (Group Development Director CBHG).