Sunday, 9 November 2014

Penkridge Home Guard

BLACK SWAN seen in the Parish

Black Swans are natives of Australia but birds from collections in the UK have been escaping or being released into the wild for several years now.   One has been seen very recently on the Penkridge flood meadows.  Another bird which we have been seeing a lot more of in recent years in Penkridge is the Little Egret.  These birds have been moving north from Southern Europe and now we have several colonies in the UK.  Without doubt they will be breeding in Staffordshire soon.  They have been seen on the Penk, on the Otherton Brook in the centre of the village, and other streams, ponds and wet meadows in the parish.  A Little Egret is a small heron, with all white plumage, and black bill and legs.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Looking down on Penkridge

The discussion that has been raised by the current consultation on the County Councils proposals to change the status of our Library, reminded me of a draft piece I wrote some time ago but never posted it on this Blog.   Here it is - what do you think?

Penkridge - A fascinating community - a growing community - an historic community - a changing community.   When I last looked down on Penkridge it was less than half the size it is today and that was about 60 years ago.  

This BLOG will comment on the changes that have taken place over those years, what it was like in bygone days, what it is like today, what I like about today, what I don't like about today, what is changing slowly, what is changing rapidly. 

What I sincerely hope is that I will raise eyebrows and that some Penkridge people will start to realise that whilst they have been getting on with their lives, things around them have changed and that some of those changes have not necessarily been what they would have chosen.  That maybe if they had said something earlier, we wouldn't have the problems we have today.  Maybe life would have been better if a certain thing hadn't happened or had been done more slowly, or with a little more thought.

Let us all learn from the past.   We can't stand still - we have to move on but in doing that, surely we should consider carefully every change we make to our lives and to the community we live in. 

For now, just think about it and look at Penkridge a little more carefully and with your eyes wide open, and think back to what it was like a few years ago.   Is it an improvement or not?  Would you have changed anything if you had considered it a little more carefully?  And here I am thinking about all changes, whether it be buildings, roads, watercourses, landscape, trees, houses, industry, agriculture, services, facilities, the look of Penkridge, the sound of Penkridge, even the feel of Penkridge,    Are you happy with all the changes?   Did you voice your views at the time - will you in the future?

Monday, 3 November 2014

Greenfinches found dead on Grange Estate

A friend found 5 Greenfinches dead around his house this last week.   Has anybody else on the Grange Estate or elsewhere in Penkridge found any.   Diseaseed? Poisoned?  We need to know. 

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Don't incinerate a Hedgehog on Bonfire Night!

Don't Kill our Hedgehogs on Bonfire Night
Now is the time hedgehogs are searching for safe hibernation spots for the winter.   If you are having a bonfire over the next few days, please check it out first to make sure you don't have any hedgehogs that have already moved in.  Unfortunately, many have been incinerated on Bonfire night.  Save hedgehogs from certain death by building your fire on the day and not lighting one that has been standing for weeks.
I have only seen one in my garden this year.  Several people in Penkridge are regularly feeding hedgehogs in their gardens which shows they care for our wild creatures.  It would be interesting to discover how common OR rare hedgehogs are in our community.  I have a map of Penkridge Parish and intend to map all sightings over the next 12 months.  Email me with your sightings including the date and the Road/Street/area you saw one (or more).

Friday, 31 October 2014

Friday, 31st October 2014

Where has he been I hear you ask?  A long story but I am still in the land of the living, having celebrated my 80th birthday last February.  Am still Town Crying and attended Kerry and Steve's wedding celebrations at the Haling Dene Centre (where Kerry works behind the bar).  I also welcomed our Friends from Ablon sur Seine when they visited us earlier in the year - and I did it in French!

I will be town crying next at the annual Penkridge Victorian Xmas Fayre at Penkridge Market on Friday evening, the 28 November 2014.  Please come along and introduce yourself - wear something Victorian too, like me!!!

Those of you who have lived in Penkridge for a long time - maybe even born here - will probably have been attending our Local History Meetings over the year where we have been having very good attendances.   But more of this in future blogs.   Our next meeting is at Haling Dene Centre, Cannock Road, Penkridge, on Tuesday, 25 November, 2014, from 10.30am to 12.30.   Free admission and coffee/tea and biscuits for a donation.  Bob Maddocks will be showing us old photos we keep discovering of Penkridge people and events from the past.  Please come along and join us and perhaps meet some of your old friends.  We even get people who used to live in Penkridge coming back to see us, even from many miles away.

And if you have old photos of your family back in the early days, particularly 1900-1970, then please bring them along and we can scan them in order to show them to others. We have now published several books about people and Penkridge over the years with loads of illustrations.  They are all on sale at Sally's hardware shop near the White Hart.   And Bob Maddocks has just written and published a new book he has been working on for years called "The Littletons of Teddesley Hall, 1740-1930".  Every household in Penkridge should have a copy as this family was the major landowner in our parish and our Lord of the Manor, employing many local people in the past.  It is on sale at Sally's Hardware Shop also.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Early this morning (Tuesday), cars on housing estates in Penkridge and Wheaton Aston had petrol stolen which caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage.  Petrol tanks were drilled and petrol stolen.  And then, unknown, drivers left a trail of petrol, visiting petrol stations to fill up and in the process spilled gallons of fuel on the forecourts causing danger to human life - this causing filling stations to close and having to phone for police and fire engines.   
KEEP ALERT - the safest place for your car overnight is in the garage or get it alarmed.