Monday, 8 December 2014

Friends of Penkridge Library sends its petition to The House of Commons via our MP

As I type this Blog I am listening live to the broadcast from the House of Commons where very shortly our MP, Jeremy Lefroy, will speak about Penkridge's serious concerns at the proposed changes that Staffs. County Council is considering for our local Library.  Claire Geoghegan and her volunteers have lead the battle to prevent the downgrading of our very well-used Library and have demonstrated that magnificently, handing over the facts and figures as well as a 3,500 petition from the residents of our community.
And wonders will never cease, at just gone 10pm several of the names of the petitioners were mentioned in the House of Commons (and presumably will go down in Hansard), including Claire's  and mine.  "The whole world could have heard us if they had been tuned in to the LIVE broadcast."  You can go into the Parliament Archives and hear it if you like.  It might take a couple of days before it is online.