Monday, 7 June 2010


Keith Burton and John Linney (both of Penkridge) set off on 3 June to walk 251 miles from Fort William to John O Groats by the hardest possible route - over the hills, mountains, bogs, rivers and valleys.  All to raise money for the Macmillan Nurses.  They are now 5 days into their effort and I have just had a text from Keith to say that poor John has developed an infected blister and is unable to continue.   Keith, however, has said he will continue alone to the end.

There is yet to come some of the most difficult walking, with four nights of camping or staying at bothys as the way does not pass anywhere near communities who can provide accommodation.  In fact, one of the Hostels they should have stayed in last night was closed down when they arrived.

I am not sure whether John is coming home or staying on and travelling by transport for a day or so to keep in touch and perhaps re-join Keith when his foot is better.  I have text him back and said he must be very careful if he is continuing on his own - there are very few other walkers on this route so he will be very much on his own and although he has a mobile phone, coverage is not very good in mountainous areas.   A twisted ankle when in he middle of no where could mean help not being launched until the evening when he doesn't arrive at his next stop.  ANY VOLUNTEERS WHO CAN JOIN HIM ON THE ROUTE?

The other Macmillan Fund Raiser is Paul Greenway from Penkridge who, with a 70 year old friend, is cycling from Lands End to John O Groats (End to End).   They started on the 6 June but we don't know how they are getting on.  No doubt he will temporarily stop in Penkridge on his way north so we will hopefully get news then.

Keith and John can be sponsored by going to the Penkridge website and linking to his page where you will find a copy of the sponsor form.  Alternatively, give Keith a phone when he gets home.