Friday, 13 July 2012

Jeremy Lefroy MP reaches the Top Ten

I happened to come across the following this morning - I wonder if Jeremy knows yet!  If he's following my BLOG, he will now!

Penkridge MP finds himself in "Top Ten Worst MPs on Twitter"

I rarely use Twitter but I did earlier this week.   I have been following the travels and problems of the last flying VULCAN BOMBER XH558, especially since it has just had the two of its jet engines burned out and two new ones (31 years old and kept mothballed) were installed over the last month.   Anyway, its now back doing Air Shows and it was due to fly to Fairford and then on to Farnborough early this week to open their SHOW.   I found it at Fairford just as the Pilot posted on Twitter that he was taxiing, and then taking off with the intention of "finding the Red Arrows".   I twittered him asking where are you all going?   His instant reply was "to meet up with the RAs and fly in formation to Farnborough to Welcome everyone to the opening of their Air Show".   That would have been quite a sight!

Keep a watch out for the Vulcan here in Penkridge - it has attended Cosford recently and was seen over Penkridge twice on that day.   It's home is Doncaster (Robin Hood Airport) and when it flies south to attend displays in the summer there is always a chance it will fly over our community.  You can't miss it - a distinctive shape of course but also a very distinctive sound.