Monday, 30 October 2017

Are we going to allow outsiders to make Penkridge a "Commuter Town"?

2017 is already becoming a year which will not be one we must remember, but its looking like one that we hope we can forget!!!

Just to list a few things - not in any order or grouping but as they come into my mind.

There is something very important happening all over our Parish of Penkridge, which also covers of course, Pillaton, Congreve, Preston Vale, Longridge, Lower Drayton, Lyne Hill, Otherton, Rodbaston, Gailey, Water Eaton, Bickford, etc. etc.

What is happening you may ask?  Well, if I just mention words like "Strategic Rail Freight Hub" or "Lyne Hill "Affordable?" housing development" or "Riverside (Riverview!) "Hotel and Helicopter landing pads" or "Rodbaston Wind Turbines" or "Cannock Road Industrial Chicken Factory" or "proposed Church development in graveyard" or proposals for large housing development northwest  of the village or Persimmon wanting to building their HQ on our floodplain or .........  I could name more but you readers may be able to tell me of others.

It would appear to me that our community "village" or  "town" has been listed by all Councils and Planning Authorities, Developers and Strategic Planners, national and local, as THE place to turn into a ??????  Commuter town, sandwiched between our VERY NOISY, WIDENED, AND POLLUTING MOTORWAY - THE M6 and the RAILWAY LINE that Lord Hatherton allowed to be built over his land many years ago.

Isn't it about time that the people of Penkridge came up with some plans of their own to develop our community as WE WANT?

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