Thursday, 15 October 2009

RIVER TRENT POISONED raises other questions

Trent Poisoning
"Partially treated sewage and cyanide were labelled as the two contaminants leaked into the Trent in Staffordshire earlier this month. It has transpired that over 30 miles of the river was polluted by the 200 million litre discharge on 4th October, killing thousands of fish and posing a risk to other animals for whom the river forms an integral part of their lives."

If we can't control something on our doorstep as serious as this, then how can we ever solve the problems that the Global Cooling and Global Warming camps are forecasting will happen?

The big problem, in my view, facing the people of Penkridge - and every other community in the world - is not whether the planet is warming or cooling. It is our increasing population and the provision of food for that population. In 1911 (according to the Census details which we now have), the population of Penkridge was 2,442. One hundred years later it now stands at 8,548 (2004 Estimate), i.e. an increase of 350%.

So two big questions - should we (and if so, how?) can/do we stop our population in Penkridge from growing any further and can/should we be growing more food LOCALLY (i.e. more sustainably) for 8,548 people? Individually, we can all do something about both these questions.

What are your views? Comment on here or on the Penkridge Community Forum. Is this something the "Lets Plan Penkridge" group should incorporate in their deliberations? Is there a role for Penkridge Parish Council? Should we perhaps set up a Co-operative to tackle growing our own food locally, working with the landowners/farmers in our Parish?

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