Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Bringing you NEWS and INFORMATION

Town Criers have been delivering news and information to Penkridge people for over 400 years. Back in 1608 it was Edmunde Wolley, who was then called the "Bellman of Penkridge". Today it is me, Bevan Craddock, Penkridge Town Crier and Webmaster, appointed by Penkridge Parish Council back in 1989 (now nearly 20 years ago!).

And what better way than to bring you the news than via the Internet (as well as the traditional ways). So, as well as the website ( I have created this BLOG which will be a bit more chatty and not so formal - and will not necessarily be the views of the Parish Council. You can also add comments on the Blog yourself so please feel free to do so. News comes from all sorts of sources but in the end it is ordinary people that make up this community, not newspapers, television programmes, mobile phones, the internet, etc. So its news about what ordinary Penkridge people are doing that I hope you will read on this Blog and if you can help me by providing some of that information, all the better.

I won't be posting necessarily every day but on occasions I might even post more than one message (or Cry) in a day. It depends on what is happening - what Penkridge people are up to, what news they are creating or observing.

This is the end of my first proclamation on this Blog and I end it in the traditional manner with


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