Thursday, 24 July 2008

A new interest for the senior residents of Penkridge


This morning, Local Historian Robert Maddocks (author of several local history books) and Town Crier Bevan Craddock, met 24 keen and excited elderly Penkridge residents at Haling Dene Centre in the community where, for 3 hours, we discussed the economic face of Penkridge over the last 60-80 years. Showing them photographs of the different buildings in the main street of Penkridge, we tapped into their memories of the past and brought to light many of the changes and the people who have lived and run their businesses in our community over the years.

It was great to hear all the stories, the names, the characters, the language of those people from the past, many of whom were personally known to most people in the room. They went to school with them, they played with them as children, they even married some of them, many were relatives, had been neighbours, worked with them, had good times with them and also the "not so good times" during the wars.

It was indeed a fascinating morning and I think has highlighted the need for more human contact like this in our community.

I will keep you informed of developments. We know that there will be others who would like to talk to us of their knowledge of the 1900's and we really do want to hear. If you know of someone who would like to be invited to our next gathering (and we certainly intend there to be one as we didn't complete our agenda today), then let me or Bob Maddocks know.

God Save the Queen

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