Wednesday, 6 August 2008

In Holland 3,000 wild geese gassed.

As well as being concerned about my community of Penkridge and what happens here, I also listen out for problems occurring elsewhere on this planet, particularly when it concerns wildlife which is unable to speak up for itself. So one of my many voluntary roles is acting as the UK Midlands Co-ordinator of PROACT - an international organisation which campaigns for the protection and conservation of birds and their habitats worldwide. Our latest campaign is supporting the Dutch Wildlife Conservation Organisations. Below is a report I have just received of what has been happening over in Holland.

During June and July the authorities on the Dutch North Sea island of Texel contracted out to a firm the trapping and gassing of thousands of wild geese. Local conservationists have monitored the operations and describe it as an unprecedented wildlife protection scandal. Observers from the Committee Against Bird Slaughter CABS and the Dutch wildlife conservation organisation Faunsbescherming have reported that workers of the Duke Faunabeheer trapped some 3,000 birds in 6 separate operations, loaded them onto lorries and transported them to an unknown location. The scandal has now spread to Germany after it has become known that the birds gassed on Texel have now been sold to a German slaughterhouse. The local newspaper ‘Leeuwarder Courant’ reported in a recent issue that the birds are to be used inter alia for the production of Foie gras in Germany.

Log on to the site below for further information and where you can support our objections to this terrible incident.

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