Thursday, 14 August 2008

Support your Local Milk Delivery Man

We have our milk delivered by a local delivery Van and its always delivered early, fresh on the doorstep. He is a young and friendly guy and someone that we have not only found we can trust but so have many other people. Today, however, he was a little down in the dumps. Why? Because he has had one or two people cancel because they argue they can buy it slightly cheaper in the supermarket.

It is a free country and we can buy whatever we need from anywhere, I know. Nobody is owed a living. But just read on and think about what I am going to say.

I know for a fact that my milkman delivers to lots of elderly people, many of whom can't get down to the supermarket and carry their milk back. They rely on him and some even trust him to the extent of giving him the means to access their property and put the milk in their fridge. And they don't buy gallons of milk a week from him either, but he sees this as part of his job - helping these aged people to survive in a world where it seems people are becoming more and more selfish and greedy.

The reason I am pointing this out is that there will come a point when, if more of us cancel our milk and buy from the supermarket, our milkman just won't be able to survive himself and he will have to pack up the round and then what will our elderly people do. Will you fetch their milk from the Supermarket every other day for them?

ASK YOURSELF - "AM I REALLY THAT POOR THAT I CAN'T AFFORD A FEW PENCE EXTRA FOR NOT ONLY HAVING THE PRIVILEDGE OF MY MILK BOTTLES BEING ON MY DOORSTEP IN THE MORNING, BUT also to know THAT I AM HELPING THOSE LESS FORTUNATE THAN MYSELF TO HAVE THE BENEFIT OF OUR FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL MILKMAN TAKING THEIR MILK TOO". These elderly people happily pay the same as you and me for this service - they don't complain about the price. They know it costs extra to travel round delivering to the doorstep.

So, come on - if more of us purchased our milk from our local delivery man, his overall delivery costs might be reduced and the price of the milk might actually come down a little. If the so called "credit crunch" is worrying you, then why not cut down on some of the luxuries (or unnecessaries) that you buy, like cigarettes, sugar, biscuits, beer, wine, chocolate, etc. The supermarkets won't go bust because they sell a few less plastic containers of milk.

Let me know what you think. Am I being unreasonable?

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