Saturday, 25 October 2008

Church behind Times

Perhaps the Church "Clockman" was checking to see whether anyone ever looks at the Church Clock when he put the clock back one hour on Friday (maybe even earlier). The Town Crier has learned that the Railway and Bus Companies have been inundated with calls asking why their services are all running an hour late. Special buses and trains have had to be run because of the number of complaints.

When the Town Crier pointed out to passengers waiting in the cold for an hour that it was not the fault of the Train and Bus Companies but of the "Clock Tender" of Penkridge Church, they said they would therefore be sending a bill to the Church for extra costs incurred as some, it seems, had ordered taxis to take them to their destinations.

Meanwhile, the Penkridge Town Crier has volunteered his services to wander the streets of Penkridge proclaiming the correct time that European Summer Time ends.

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