Thursday, 9 October 2008

TALENT IN PENKRIDGE - is there any?

6 years ago I posted the following on this website. I am still waiting!

Penkridge is a town with a population of over 9,000 people. I am attempting to discover how many of them have hidden artistic talents which can be illustrated on the following pages to show the rest of Penkridge and in fact, the world. Painters, musicians, actors, poets, writers, artists, photographers, craftsmen and craftswomen, etc. etc. I believe everyone of us has some gift, some way of expressing themselves and which they enjoy doing. Some people have turned their artistic creation into something they can make a living at, others just create for their own enjoyment and keep it very private.

If you are a Penkridge artist or craftsperson and have in fact developed to the stage where you are selling or would like to sell the products you create, then this can be your shop window. If, on the other hand, you are not interested in selling your creations, can I persuade you to let others see what you have done. It might encourage others who have not "tried" to actually "have a go". Your name and address can be kept confidential if you wish. Simply contact the Webmaster and arrange for an informal chat. Let the world see what Penkridge people can create! Your work can be illustrated by images or by words (or both) - and even by sound! All copyright will be retained by the creator and that will be made clear.

Although the main purpose of these pages is to illustrate the artists of today, if anyone can supply me with information on Penkridge artists of the past then it would be nice to pay tribute to them too.

Go to: to see some of Penkridge's talent. I would like to be inundated with requests - come on, spread the word.


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