Friday, 24 December 2010


Diesel oil would appear to have somehow got into the Otherton Brook near the Fire Station - possibly from an Industrial Unit in the area.   The Environment Agency fixed up a Boom to try and stop it getting into the River Penk but so far this appears not to have stopped it from travelling downstream.  Late this afternoon the smell and fumes was pretty bad in the centre of Penkridge where the brook flows past the Bakery and the Public Toilets and flowed into the Penk by Bull Bridge between the Bridge House and Riverside Old Folks Home.

The EA are investigating for the source of the pollution as well as trying to prevent it from getting into the Penk.  Their staff will be working on Xmas Day because of this and we must thank them for that.   We must find out who has been responsible for this incident which as well as creating an awful smell in the community at Xmas, could also do damage to life in the brook and the River downstream.   Many farm animals drink from these water courses and farmers must be made aware of pollution incidents like this.

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