Sunday, 19 December 2010


Built over 180 years ago, these Arches must have been seen by many thousands of visitors to our Ancient Penkridge Market.   Many thousands must also have crossed over the River Penk by them on a Train.  However, I wonder how many knew who built them.   It was Thomas Brassey of Chester, who in 1836/7 built this viaduct and 10 miles of track as his first Engineering project.  He went on to become perhaps the most famous Railway Engineer in the world, building railway projects in many countries around the world.   Read all about him at
But Thomas Brassey didn't plant these trees close to the viaduct in 1837 - who did I wonder!   And have you counted them?  There are 7 (seven) - the same number as the Arches!   Is that a coincidence or can anyone enlighten us further.  

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