Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Only a month now to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.   Doesn't seem five minutes since we were celebrating her Golden jubilee - and for those that did in Penkridge, we are all now 10 years older!
As Town Crier I attended several Street Parties back in 2002 - but so far have only been invited to one this time SO FAR!    And that is to one being held in Cherrybrook Drive.  I believe leaflets have been distributed around the estate and quite a few families have promised to attend.  It will be a Grand Picnic and residents on the estate are being asked to bring along their own food and "furniture" and Lisa White (who is organising it) is arranging for the area to be decorated and for music to be laid on (if we can find a local friendly and co-operative resident who will allow them to "plug in" to their electrics).  Lisa can be contacted on 713053 if you want to register your attendance and/or offer help.
AND THE PENKRIDGE TOWN CRIER will be attending for the opening of the Party and will be giving THE LOYAL CRY - which is being specially written for all Town Criers in the country to "cry out" in their communities.    See you on the 2nd June.
If you are organising or know of any others being held in Penkridge, please let me know and I will do my best to also attend yours.

Bevan Craddock (Penkridge Town Crier)

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Nat and Baileys the Goldie said...

Sounds like fun. I can still remember the Silver Jubilee street party in our neighbourhood; me and my brother wore some most entertaining fancy dress outfits! I hope all goes well and that the monsoon season is over by June