Sunday, 2 November 2014

Don't incinerate a Hedgehog on Bonfire Night!

                                                             photo copyright Rose Hadley

Don't Kill our Hedgehogs on Bonfire Night
Now is the time hedgehogs are searching for safe hibernation spots for the winter.   If you are having a bonfire over the next few days, please check it out first to make sure you don't have any hedgehogs that have already moved in.  Unfortunately, many have been incinerated on Bonfire night.  Save hedgehogs from certain death by building your fire on the day and not lighting one that has been standing for weeks.
I have only seen one in my garden this year.  Several people in Penkridge are regularly feeding hedgehogs in their gardens which shows they care for our wild creatures.  It would be interesting to discover how common OR rare hedgehogs are in our community.  I have a map of Penkridge Parish and intend to map all sightings over the next 12 months.  Email me with your sightings including the date and the Road/Street/area you saw one (or more).

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