Saturday, 8 November 2014

Looking down on Penkridge

The discussion that has been raised by the current consultation on the County Councils proposals to change the status of our Library, reminded me of a draft piece I wrote some time ago but never posted it on this Blog.   Here it is - what do you think?

Penkridge - A fascinating community - a growing community - an historic community - a changing community.   When I last looked down on Penkridge it was less than half the size it is today and that was about 60 years ago.  

This BLOG will comment on the changes that have taken place over those years, what it was like in bygone days, what it is like today, what I like about today, what I don't like about today, what is changing slowly, what is changing rapidly. 

What I sincerely hope is that I will raise eyebrows and that some Penkridge people will start to realise that whilst they have been getting on with their lives, things around them have changed and that some of those changes have not necessarily been what they would have chosen.  That maybe if they had said something earlier, we wouldn't have the problems we have today.  Maybe life would have been better if a certain thing hadn't happened or had been done more slowly, or with a little more thought.

Let us all learn from the past.   We can't stand still - we have to move on but in doing that, surely we should consider carefully every change we make to our lives and to the community we live in. 

For now, just think about it and look at Penkridge a little more carefully and with your eyes wide open, and think back to what it was like a few years ago.   Is it an improvement or not?  Would you have changed anything if you had considered it a little more carefully?  And here I am thinking about all changes, whether it be buildings, roads, watercourses, landscape, trees, houses, industry, agriculture, services, facilities, the look of Penkridge, the sound of Penkridge, even the feel of Penkridge,    Are you happy with all the changes?   Did you voice your views at the time - will you in the future?

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