Saturday, 29 November 2014

Record Attendance at Victoria Xmas Market

Once again it was a great success with the car park full shortly after opening at 5pm although many people were coming in at 4pm.  The fairground attracted all the village youngsters and their parents.  Dozens of stalls were really stocked with some wonderful goods and I believe many people bought their Xmas presents there at very reasonable prices.  I wandered all round the stalls and thought the quality was excellent.  AND how well dressed the stallholders were in their variety of dress, hats and the colours were magnificent.  Penkridge Voices (our village choir) entertained hundreds with Xmas carols as you will see from the photos.   And wandering around the market was the tallest man I have ever seen!, even taller than my 6ft 7" friend, the Shrewsbury Town Crier.  Penkridge Town Crier was also there but you perhaps didn't hear him very often as I am afraid he couldn't compete with the music from the fairground.  But he did chat to and meet many people during the evening, and bought from some of the stalls and had a drink at the cafe.
Finally, the Fire-Eater was indeed outstanding and I particularly liked his final exhibition of the "Fire Whip".   BUT please, do not let your children play with fire.   Fireworks and Fire-Eating is only for experienced adults. A great evening AND it didn't rain! 
Thank you to the Police Officers for mixing with the crowd and keeping an eye on things.  Thank you to all the stallholders for dressing up and producing some wonderful stalls and products.  Thank you to Santa Claus for dropping in on our market and putting a smile on many youngsters faces.  Last but not least, a big thank you to Penkridge Business Association for organising the event once again and to our Market owners and friends, the Williams family, for hosting our Victorian Xmas Market 2014. Oh!, and of course, a big THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY WHO ATTENDED THIS YEAR.  HAVE A HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

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